eCigarette Merchant Account | Credit Card Processing

Do you sell e-cigarettes online? We can help you setup your eCigarette Merchant Account that is both reliable and affordable.

Do you sell e-cigarettes online? There are advantages and disadvantages to this kind of business. One of the advantages is the larger market of customers that you can reach by having an online store. This is also beneficial for the customer, who can shop from the convenience of home.

The sales volume potential for e-cigarettes is high, and the market is growing. The high consumer demand has made it a profitable niche. However, the high transaction volume and the nature of the product has resulted in a high risk rating from most banks.

Challenges of Opening an E-cigarette Merchant Account

There are risks involved in e-cigarette payment processing, and for this reason, processors will often choose not to approve a merchant account. If a processor does provide an account, they will often make up for the risk by charging you a high rate.

There are affordable solutions available for e-cigarette merchants. CDKPay specializes in finding affordable credit card processing solutions for businesses like yours.

E-cigarette Credit Card Processing with CDKPay

Hassle-free Approval

Choosing the right bank is one of the most important steps in this process. If you start with the right financial institution, you won’t experience the hassle of going from bank to bank to find approval.

CDKPay is experienced with e-cigarette merchant accounts, and we work with a wide network of banks.

Our expertise will eliminate trial and error, as we will match your company with a bank that understands your business model.

Low Rates that Help You Stay Profitable

Getting approved for an e-cigarette merchant account will not help if you have to pay ridiculously high rates. CDKPay has established relationships with the right banks to bring you affordable rates. Most of our clients are able to attain single-digit rates for credit card processing, some even as low as 2-3%.

Establish Long-Term Credibility

There is more to being a successful e-cigarette merchant than getting approved with good rates on the front end. Chargebacks and instances of fraud can damage your credibility and cause a rate increase. Persistent problems can even cause you to lose your account. CDKPay can help you maintain credibility with superior risk management and fraud detection.

eCigarette Merchant Account Application Process

  1. We will contact you to discuss your needs in detail and make sure that we understand your unique e-cigarette business model.
  2. The experience and expertise of CDKPay is used to find the right merchant account provider, and we help you begin the application process.
  3. Once the application is approved and an agreement is signed, you are ready to take your e-cigarette merchant account live to begin payment processing!
  4. CDKPay is available to you for ongoing support. We offer responsive customer service so that you can run your business with ease.

CDKPay can help you with payment processing solutions that are reliable and affordable for your business.