International Merchant Account | Credit Card Processing

If your business has a global reach, then an

international merchant account is probably right for you.

If your business has a global reach, then an international merchant account is probably right for you. This makes it easier for you to accept internationally-based credit cards from your customers. Any time that you can make a transaction easier for customers, you will most likely increase conversions. CDKPay can help you establish an account to accept a wide variety of global payment methods.

CDKPay Offers Competitive Fees for International Merchant Accounts

Are you having trouble finding affordable credit card processing rates? It can be hard to find approval for an international account with reasonable fees, especially if you are dealing with traditional domestic banks. This can be frustrating if you are ready to expand into the global market.

Our experience in this industry can help you get approval for an international merchant account with reduced rates. We can save you time on your application by finding just the right merchant services provider for your business.

When you let us manage this process for you, we can obtain the best credit card processing package to meet your needs and requirements.

CDKPay Will Help You Reduce Chargebacks on Your International Merchant Account

We understand that a low chargeback rate is essential to keep competitive rates on your merchant account. We have a well-trained staff that works for you daily to reduce fraud and manage risk. Your account is aggressively monitored to help you keep your chargebacks low. Because of our robust knowledge in risk management, we have significantly reduced chargebacks for some of our clients, some by as much as 50%!

This also means that you can process payments regularly and reliably with confidence. Our efforts help keep your account in good standing so that you can focus on managing and expanding your business.

CDKPay is experienced in helping businesses find the right merchant account for your business model.