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We can help you find the right match so that you can begin

accepting online purchases through your website.

Today it is common for many people to make purchases online. In fact, many people prefer eCommerce to traditional retail shopping. It saves time on travel, as shopping can be done at home or at the office. Shoppers can visit several stores at once through multiple browser windows, and they can easily compare pricing before buying. The convenience this has afforded customers has created a significant demand for eCommerce credit card processing.

Finding an Affordable eCommerce Merchant Account

Despite its popularity with consumers, eCommerce credit card processing is not yet popular with traditional banks. Finding approval for a merchant account that does not claim most of your profits with unreasonable fees can be difficult. The greater risk of chargebacks with online payments is preventing most banks from entering the eCommerce market.

CDKPay has the resources that you need to overcome this problem. We can help your find the right match so that you can begin eCommerce credit card processing. There are merchant services providers who understand eCommerce well and offer competitive accounts. Our experience can help you find them quickly so that you can move forward with your business.

eCommerce Credit Card Processing that is PCI Compliant

With CDKPay, you rest assured that you are working with a PCI Compliant company. Our team works to actively protect you from risk and fraud every day. Our intelligent fraud and risk management process helps our clients keep costs low so that they can focus on providing a great product through eCommerce stores. We stay up-to-date on the latest methods and technologies so that we can bring you trusted security.

CDKPay is experienced in helping businesses find the right merchant account for your business model.