Risk Assessment Reporting Reduces Payment System Risk

We offer risk assessment reporting and solutions to help you reduce payment system risks.

Risk assessment reporting is an essential component of fraud detection. CDKPay monitors and reports important details about transactions on your merchant account to protect you from chargebacks and fraud.

We are on your side in the battle to keep your account in good standing so that your processing fees remain low. One of our primary goals is to minimize and reduce the amount of chargebacks that you receive. We know that we can save you time, money, and stress by preventing chargebacks from happening whenever possible.

Our Risk Assessment Process

We follow a risk assessment process that is designed to identify possible fraudulent activity. Each transaction is evaluated and a risk score is developed based on IP tracking, transaction value, customer history, and other important information. High risk scores are flagged and reviewed manually for further assessment.

Based on the manual review, we will report the potentially fraudulent transaction to you. If necessary, we will intervene to refund the transaction before it becomes a chargeback. This early intervention is a crucial component in helping you keep your chargebacks low and your merchant account open.

Transaction Reporting

We provide reporting on every transaction so that you can know your customers. This report includes:

  • IP addresses
  • Anything “out of ordinary” about the transaction
  • Notes from the manual review

We provide transparency in in our risk review process so that you have peace of mind knowing that we are working hard on your behalf to keep your merchant account in good standing with the bank. Our goal is take the hassle of chargeback management off your plate so that you can run a successful business.

Safeguard your business and your customers with a robust Fraud & Risk Management System.