Provide Secure Online Payments with 3D Secure Credit Card Validation

Give your customers confidence by providing secure online payment processing.

3D Secure processing is a short term for “Three Domain Model.” It is a fraud protection measure that adds a step to confirming online credit card transactions. This validation process was originally created by Visa, but many other credit card companies have followed with similar features. When you offer 3D Secure credit card validation, you are protecting both your customers and yourself.

The 3D Secure Credit Card Validation Process | How It Works

When a customer makes a credit card transaction on your site, they are asked to provide an additional password for their account. The merchant’s server automatically requests validation of this information from the credit card issuer’s server. A third domain server validates this information before it is returned to the merchant.

Reduction of Chargebacks

Because 3D secure validation requests information from the customer, it is harder for the customer to deny that they authorized the purchase. The authentication requests are stored as records that can be accessed in the case of a dispute. While a complete elimination of chargebacks cannot be guaranteed, the amount of chargebacks is significantly reduced when 3D Secure is used. The liability generally shifts from the merchant to the consumer.

CDKPay provides 3D Secure Processing

The best fraud protection is a comprehensive package of methods. We work to protect your account from fraud on many different levels. One component of our fraud protection service is by offering 3D Secure credit card processing. We make the process simple so that you can eliminate worries and accept secure payments.

Safeguard your business and your customers with a robust Fraud & Risk Management System.