Reduce Payment Fraud | Fraud Risk Management

We understand the Fraud risk management is important to you. Fraud Management provides several benefits:

  • It keeps your merchant account in good standing and keepsthe rates low.
  • It protects your customers and therefore helps you provide reliable service.
  • It protects you from losing money.

About Fraud Risk Management from CDKPay

CDKPay has an expert team of risk prevention professionals and skilled technicians. We have developed an intelligent solution that uses historical data and algorithmic theory to identify and prevent the risk of fraud.

We provide our customers with a reliable platform to increase account approvals and aggressively decrease chargebacks. We are always examining risk factors and identifying patterns based on dollar values, buying habits and transaction velocity. This information creates a database that helps us identify potential fraud risk.

The Importance of Collaboration in Fraud Risk Management

Requirements from regulatory institutions are constantly changing. It is important to stay current with compliance guidelines in order to manage risk effectively. CDKPay works with financial institutions and card associations to stay on top of changes and keep you safe. Our team of professional data analysts continually supervises and monitors merchant account activity to provide detailed transaction results.

Balancing Risk Management with Business to Prevent Fraud

The intention of risk management is to help your business reduce costs and eliminate high rates that are incurred from chargebacks and fraud. We have the experience that you need to find the right balance between identifying business opportunities and reducing online payment risks. Through efficient analysis, we manage to prevent unnecessary chargebacks with our fraud prevention tools while guaranteeing maximum conversion of sales.

Reliable Service

As the internet grows, so does CDK Pay. We continue to optimize our Fraud Metrics to ensure the safety of both our merchants and end users. As a PCI compliant company, we strive to maintain the best certifications and up to date protection measures. Long term reliability is a must in the Online World.