About CDKPay | Alternative Merchant Services

CDKPay provides alternative merchant processing for industries

that have difficulty finding affordable merchant accounts.

Many industries are perceived by banks to have high potential for disputes and chargebacks. Because of this risk, it may be hard for a business to get approved for a merchant account. These accounts are often accompanied with expensive processing fees that threaten profitability.

CDKPay Helps Through Alternative Merchant Services

CDKPay’s alternative merchant services allow businesses that face these problems to obtain approval for affordable credit card processing.

Our experience with alternative industries is an asset to our customers. We work with a wide network of banks to find the right relationship for our customers. We know which merchant services providers understand their business model, so we don’t waste their time with applications that will be automatically denied.

CDKPay understands that you don’t have time for endless application work. We make the process simple for customers, so that you can focus on running your primary business.

Let Us Help You Get A Merchant Account Today.

CDKPay Helps Alternative Merchants Reduce Risk

The accounts that we provide give our customers reasonable rates for their transactions. However, this is only half of the battle. If accounts are not managed well, fees can increase.

We also help our customers keep low rates by providing fraud and risk management services. Using our expertise in fraud reduction and our detailed reports , our customers keep their accounts in good standing and remain at low rates.